What Are The Different Guitar Strings Categories Available?

best guitar string categories

Choosing the right guitar string is more important than buying a particular guitar type. You need to have a comprehensive knowledge about guitar strings and their categories to be able to buy the best strings and fall in love with your guitar. It does not matter whether you are buying the guitar strings online or offline, you must be able to distinguish the best guitar string categories from the bad one that can make your guitar playing experience frustrating. The following is a complete guide to different categories of guitar strings available on the market.

Electric Guitar Strings – Most of the electric guitar strings are made of steel or nickel. While buying any guitar string, you have to pay attention to details like gauge, material, coating, and winding. If you are a newbie, you should go for a lighter gauge for a smooth experience. The heavier ones require experience though they are more durable.

Acoustic Guitar Strings – When buying acoustics guitar strings, you have to choose the string thickness carefully. There are more gauges available for acoustic guitar strings than any other guitar strings. Since Acoustic guitars do not amplify the sound that much, it is all dependent on the strings to choose to play. There are hybrid strings available for newbies which are somewhat is a mix of nylon and metallic strings. There are so many varieties of acoustic guitar strings that you have to experiment a lot to settle with one type that suits your style perfectly.

Nylon Guitar Strings – Nylon guitar strings are more used for classical guitars and vintage guitars. There are so many variations among nylon strings for guitars. When it comes to buying nylon string, the gauge is not so important as the tension of the string. If you buy a low tension nylon string, you will find it easy to play but the volume will be lower and there could be fret buzz. With normal tension, you can get a good combination of tonal quality but the high tension one is suitable for strumming and producing higher volume. Your guitar must be a new one to have high tension nylon strings.

Apart from the above-mentioned best guitar string categories, there are some other categories that some people opt for.

Metal strings are referred to those electric and acoustic strings that have medium to heavy gauge. They are used for what is referred to as metal guitars for producing rock music. Blues guitarists use blues strings which are of heavier gauges. Medium gauged blues strings are good for clipping and one needs to be experienced enough to experiment with such heavy gauged strings.

You might already know that bass guitars are quite popular and there are dedicated bass guitar strings that are generally made up of steel and nickel alloy. You have to check that the strings are lightly coated instead of heavy coating or uncoated ones. Besides, Ukelele strings and Mandolin strings are other types of guitar strings available on the market that you can buy as per your requirement.

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