Top 20: The Most Influential Fashion Bloggers Of The Moment

Fashion Bloggers

At the forefront of parades, on social networks and even in our cupboards thanks to some well-chosen collaborations, fashion bloggers are everywhere. But who are the most influential? For the second consecutive year, the US site “Fashionista” has listed the most famous influencers based on several data: number of followers on social networks, collabs, or headlines in Google News, everything has been passed To the sieve.

1. Chiara Ferragni, “The Blonde Salad”

Already number one in the ranking last year, the Italian is a star of the Web. In addition to her blogging activities, the 28-year-old is also the face of Pantene hair products as well as Amazon Fashion in Europe. At the head of her own line of shoes, she also attracted the attention of Yale University, which decided to devote a case study to her in 2015.

Number of followers Instagram: 5.6 million

Chiara Ferragni / © Abaca

2. Aimee Song, “Song of Style”

The secret of this 29 year old American? Easy style to imitate and videos edited lightly. No wonder this interior designer has more than two million YouTube subscribers, to whom she presents her collections of clothes imagined in collaboration with her sister as well as her line of jewelry.

Number of followers Instagram: 3.4 million

3. Kristina Bazan, “Kayture”

It’s hard to miss Kristina Bazan, the first blogger to become a muse for the L’Oréal brand last October. At only 22 years old, the young Swiss is already one of the well-known figures of Fashion Week and has recently become Mugler’s face.

Number of followers Instagram: 2.3 million

4. Julia Engel, “Gal Meets Glam”

This former business student did not know anything about blogging when she started in 2011. Then two years later, she left the job and left her job in San Francisco to fully dedicate herself to her site. A decision she does not regret, between photo shoots and shopping recommendations.

Number of followers Instagram: 844,000

5. Wendy Nguyen, “Wendy’s Lookbook”

With a very simple interface and a clear love of fashion, Wendy Nguyen knows first and foremost how to stay focused on her subject. At her shop, we find looks, but also an e-shop to get the desired pieces. And most importantly, fashion tutorials that are all the rage on YouTube.

Number of followers Instagram: 931,000

6. Julie Sariñana, “Sincerely Jules”

This “intimate visual journal”, as she likes to call her creator dates from February 2009. Since then, this young American has built a real empire, which it fuels with collaborations with jewelry brands, clothing and cosmetics, but also Its own line of T-shirts.

Number of followers Instagram: 3.4 million

7. Blair Eadie “Atlantic Pacific”

An authentic blog of “personal style”, composed only of photos, where the only text in view is that of credits. A rigor that does not surprise when one knows that his livelihood is the director of the merchandising of bags and small leather goods at Tory Burch. A real pro.

Number of followers Instagram: 799,000

8. Chriselle Lim, “The Chriselle Factor”

This former stylist founded her blog in December 2011 to offer an insight into her life and style. A blog that speaks also today of beauty and travel, but also decoration. All at once.

Number of followers Instagram: 609,000

9. Gala Gonzalez, “Amlul by Gala Gonzalez”

DJ, model, blogger, Gala Gonzalez has more than one string to her bow. Her travels, her beauty rituals but also her look, the young woman tells everything on her blog, to the delight of her readers.

Number of followers Instagram: 598,000

10. Nicole Warne, “Gary Pepper Girl”

It was in 2009 that the Australian Nicole Warne founded Gary Pepper Vintage, an e-shop of vintage clothes. Three years later, and while the online store is very successful, she puts it to a close to focus on her blog, Gary Pepper Girl. Today, the young woman is a reference among fashion bloggers.

Number of followers Instagram: 1.5 million

11. Jessica Stein, “Tuula”

No street style improvised at Jessica Stein, the young Australian prefers to fly to distant destinations, where she brings a wardrobe without end. For fashion lovers.

Number of followers Instagram: 2.2 million

12. Bryan Gray Yambao, “Bryanboy”

Only boy on this list, Bryan Gray Yambao is one of the most famous bloggers, known beyond the borders of the fashion microcosm. Parades, shop openings, the young man is on all fronts.

Number of followers Instagram: 592,000

13. Helena Bordon, “Helena Bordon”

Evolving ever since in the world of fashion (her mother is none other than Donata Meirelles, fashion director of the Brazilian edition of the magazine “Vogue”) Helena Bordon is today at the head of a blog grouping lifestyle sections , Beauty and fashion. Its small next door? She is co-founder of the label of fast-fashion 284.

Number of followers Instagram: 722,000

14. Danielle Bernstein, “We Wore What”

This New Yorker, former student of the Fashion Institute of Technology, has a philosophy of its own, rare among fashion bloggers: she does not want to become the main subject of her photos, preferring to highlight the clothes. Its favorite accessory to achieve? Sun glasses. And it works !

Number of followers Instagram: 1.4 million

15. Negin Mirsalehi, “Negin Mirsalehi”

This young Dutch woman of 27 years old founded her blog in 2012 to “follow her dreams and live from her passion, fashion”, she explained two years ago to “The Daily Woman”. A good idea that makes her today to be one of the most influential girls on the Web.

Number of followers Instagram: 2,9 million

16. Rumi Neely, “Fashion Toast”

A blog filled with photo series all more different than each other, but also a section in which the young woman answers the fashion questions posed by her readers. Bonus ? A link to his brand’s e-shop, Are You Am I.

Number of followers: 662,000

17. Nicolette Mason, “Nicolette Mason”

In addition to her blogging activities, Nicolette Mason also works freelance for “Marie-Claire”, having contributed to “Vogue Italia” and “Glamor Italy”. Stylist, she also designed a line of dresses for the brand Addition Elle, scheduled for spring 2016.

Number of followers: 112,000

18. Susanna Lau, “Style Bubble”

Should we still present the one that everyone nicknamed Susie Bubble affectionately? A fashion expert, pioneer of the blog universe (“Style Bubble” was launched in 2006) and a seasoned eye to spot young talent, the young British is a reference.

Number of followers: 266,000


Susie Lau / © Abaca

19. Sarah Vickers, “Classy Girls Wear Pearls”

A blog for girls with a chic look. Espadrilles, linen dresses, discreet jewelry and many flowers are the essence of this blog to the wise style.

Number of followers: 395,000

20. Margaret Zhang, “Shine by Three”

A young Australian who makes more and more talk about her. Stylist, photographer, she collaborates with the Australian editions of the magazines “Harper’s Bazaar” and “Marie-Claire” … when she is not busy traveling the world.

Number of followers: 726,000

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