Top 20 Most Visited Cities In The World In 2016

Top 20 most visited cities

The report ” Global Cities Index ” MasterCard reveals that Bangkok decommission London as the most tourist town in 2016, as the British capital held since 2014.

The year is of course not over, but the final ranking is unlikely to move until the high season is over.

1- Bangkok, Thailand
2- London, England
3- Paris, France
4- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
5- New York, United States
6- Singapore, Singapore
7- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8- Istanbul, Turkey
9- Tokyo, Japan
10- Seoul, South Korea
11- Hong Kong, Hong Kong
12- Barcelona, Spain
13- Amsterdam, the Netherlands
14- Milan, Italy
15- Taipei, Taiwan
16- Rome, Italy
17- Osaka, Japan
18- Vienna , Austria
19- Shanghai, China
20- Prague, Czech Republic

Tourism in Asia is growing rapidly. Indeed, it is in this region of the world that there are the most new trend destinations.

In North America, Los Angeles is the closest city to New York. Then come Miami, Toronto and San Francisco.

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