The Top 100 Places To Visit In The World

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Hello everyone,

In recent years, I have carried out more than 100 flights a year. This represents between 400 and 500 hours in the air. Then I drive about 3,000 kilometers behind the steering wheel of rented vehicles, as well as many train trips and a number of boat or ferry trips.

One day, as I thought about my travels, I was wondering how I could use all these trips. And so I had the idea to create a “top 100 places to visit in the world” in my opinion. Cities, historic sites, archaeological and natural wonders … A personal list of what I consider the most unique places on the planet (and beyond) from those I have already visited, but also from some Which I have heard about and would like to see one day.

So here is my list, with some comments for each place. The list follows a precise order: first the cities and then the places are sorted by region – Americas, Europe, etc. I kept the best for the end, in the “other” category.
I searched all places on Wikipedia. And if I have more information to share in addition to my brief description or comment, I will add the links in question:

  • “Blog”: These links point you to (you guessed it) my personal blog where I talk about the place in question.
  • “Flickr”: For the places I’ve visited, these links will take you to my personal Flickr account – if I had time to take pictures.


This list has been prepared by me personally and contains my personal opinions. It could also contain an error or two.

And so, here are the top 100 places to visit in the world – by me.

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