Stylist And Fashion Journalist Navaz Batliwalla

Stylist And Fashion Journalist

She started blogging by posting tickets from the front of the fashion scene as “an anonymous infiltration of fashion” while she was working full time in a magazine. Now a freelance stylist and consultant, her blog deals with design, art and beauty as well as fashion. There are also articles about his inspirations, based on pictures, artistic photos of press events and reflections on trends and emerging creators.

She says, “I cover design, art, beauty, sales and trends, while nurturing my curiosity around the fashion industry. “

  • We Wore What

Who : New Yorker Danielle Bernstein

Why : We take inspiration from clothes that are both cool and well cut, from home-made get-the-look on which we just have to click to offer them.

She says, “WeWoreWhat is a fashion blog that I created to bring a daily dose of inspiration from all over New York. Every day I put forth my clothes as well as my experience in this city that never sleeps. What should be the simplest for everyone (dressing in the morning) sometimes turns into a nightmare – this is the purpose of my blog. “

  • Wearing It Today

Wearing it today

Who : Laura Fantacci, an Italian fashion journalist expatriated in London

Why : The little brunette has a fabulous style, has a fabulous baby, a superb home and is always sublime. In fact, this would be almost annoying if it was not so smiling and full of good advice – are you looking for a great brand of flat sandals? The most stylish white T-shirt? How to make a leather shorts? If you like the classic with a bit of surprise and you need inspiration, it is now your best ally. The top? His weekly articles “Mama Friday” – farewell colorful tops and jeans, hello biker boots and perfect caban – his beauty tips and magazine reviews. She and her lover, Petro Stofberg also hold a site: Wardrobe Icons , A shopping selection of the best fashionable pieces “timeless” and a weekly e-magazine ICONS Update . Warning: you are going to want to bite her life.

She says, “When all the other fashion websites focus on what is fashionable, with Wardrobe Icons, we unveil what never goes out of style. I love a classic white T-shirt and a cashmere V-neck but I also love incredible shoes, jewelry and a fringe bag. The key, for me, is what makes the right mix: sequins with jeans, a trench on a prom dress. Classic still, with a little more. “

  • The Little Englishman

The Little Englishman

Who : The top model and London writer Ella Catliff

Why : Ella Catliff started writing her blog when she was on a fashion internship in Paris. She shared her discoveries: new stores, what she wore on her first day in the company … If you want to resemble the Parisian version of Alexa Chung, Ella Catliff’s style is made for you – her “Look Du jour “is full of silk scarves, chic accessories and skinny jeans galore.

She says: “The Little English girl is basically a well-written reflection (at least I hope), full of colors and fun on my life in the world of fashion. I also introduced lifestyle, travel and beauty. After all, clothes do not exist without the context around, so I like to write about a nice piece and share why and where I’ve worn it. “

  • Advanced Style

Advanced Style

Who : New York photographer Ari Seth Cohen

Why : If you do not think that the love of fashion should stop at 40 (or 50, or 60, or 70 …), the dazzling street-style clich├ęs of Ari Seth Cohen, who shoot the most stylish seniors , Are a real treat! Idolizing these glamorous grandmothers and showing them all her respect, the young photographer made his way to New York. The history of the blog has become a documentary and it also speaks of the difficulties to face the aging of society. But above all, he likes to take photos – capes, turbans, false eyelashes, trinkets … The women of Cohen have all that …

He says: “Advanced Style is dedicated to style and stories of gray hair. By showing positive images of aging, I hope to push people to change their perceptions of age. With the years comes an incredible change in expressions, in creativity and in style. “

  • In Detail

In Detail

Who : The ex-jewelry designer Beanie Major

Why : Beanie Major worked for Alexander McQueen’s favorite jeweler: Shaun Leane. From now on, his blog is a must for all lovers of beautiful stones. She will delve into the jewelry boxes of fashion names like Rihanna’s stylist Avigail Collins. She takes them at home, surrounded by all these wonderful jewels. We also love her interviews with promising young jewelers like Ana De Costa and her close-up shots on the street.

She says, “In Detail is the site where everything is shining. I bring you the latest jewelry trends, I interview emerging designers and I immerse myself in the jewelry boxes of the trend makers of London. “

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