Steroids in the UK: Is It Legal?

Steroids in the UK Is It Legal

Before we move forward, let’s get one thing straight first – steroid laws are different in varying places around the globe. Some or all use and ownership of anabolic steroids might be illegal in your country, especially if you use or own steroid supplements without a prescription. It’s important that you check which steroids are legal to take in your country before reading the rest of this post.

Now that’s been taken care of, if you want to purchase steroids in the UK through legal means, you do have three options and these are the following: (1) get a prescription from a doctor, (2) order online from a store not found in the UK, and (3) purchase legal steroid alternatives. So if you’re looking for steroids available over the counter in UK, you’re fresh out of luck, unless you’re looking for the legal alternatives.

What are the Legal Steroids in the UK?

As mentioned in the introductory portion of this post, you’re not going to find any legal steroids in the UK, unless you’re looking for the legal alternatives. If you are looking for these alternative options, then there are different selections available for you, and most of them can be found just sitting on store shelves. These legal options include the following: D-Bal, Testo-Max, Anadrole, DecaDruo, Clenbuterol, Trenorol, HGH-X2, and Anvarol. Now, you might be wondering, “Do these legal alternatives work?” If you do a quick online search for the reviews of these products, then you’d be hard-pressed to see negative statements regarding the use of these drugs. However, keep in mind that results can vary depending on the product and the dosage.

What’s the Status of Steroids in the UK in 2017?

According to the UK steroid law, all anabolic steroids are classified as Class C (controlled) substances. It means that UK residents can own and use steroids, but only if they have a valid prescription for the product. However, it’s against the law to create, own, distribute, export, or import anabolic steroids with the intention of selling or supplying to another person or business entity without obtaining the required license first. Otherwise, it’s going to make the entire process of manufacturing or distribution to be illegal.

Taking Caution When Buying Steroids Online

Since it’s illegal to buy steroids in the UK, interested users resort to purchasing the anabolic supplements from online sources. However, it’s highly advised to do proper research and investigation of the origin of the steroids you’re planning to purchase to lower the risk of adverse effects from occurring. Some known side effects of buying low-quality and cheap steroids include the following: severe acne, nausea and vomiting, and locked muscle tissues. There are even some cases that consuming fake steroids can lead to mortality.

How to Check for the Legitimacy of Steroid Products?

The importance of checking the legitimacy of any steroid supplement before purchasing the item couldn’t be stressed enough. Manufacturers and reliable retailers will have guides and applications on their websites to assist customers in checking if the product they purchased (or are planning to purchase) it legit or not.

Keep in mind that if the name of the retailer or the manufacturer looks too “pharmaceutical,” but you can’t find any good online sources about the company, then chances are the products they sell are fake.

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