New Yorker Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman

It is the biggest of all (in reality, it is a little small but you see what you mean). He invented the art of street-style photography. Books, advertising campaigns and a couple of bloggers with global influence (his girlfriend is none other than Garance DorĂ©) further, he is more famous than most people he photography. We love her shots of men – who does not like the Italian grandfathers at the crazy chic with their hats on the side?

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Who : Filipino Bryan Gray Yambao

Why : You can only love a man who calls an asymmetrical top Balenciaga a “must-have spring” – and who is not afraid to wear a white lace suit Sacai . The big fan of Marc Jacobs has grown to become a fashion icon in his own right, making appearances in Boss glasses advertising campaigns, supporting luxury brands with his shopping habits – and writing about it all. To laugh out loud, read his “Lewks”.

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