It is a well said fact – ‘Protect your head or end up dead’ – anonymous

The head protection gear in case of motor cycle or any two wheelers riding is a Helmet. It is very important to be careful and safeguard the head of a two wheeler rider as the fall can be fatal with the head and brain injuries. With so much variety available in the market it becomes difficult for a person to choose the best Bike Helmets.  The Bullet Helmets are loaded with features the come in various shapes, sizes and styles, and are developed to specifically satisfy the most obscure riding requirements.  Gone are the days when one would simply choose the color and size to buy a helmet, today is most daunting task. One can buy Helmet Online at Paytm Mall from the comfort of their home.

It is recommended to check out the latest technological developments that meet safety standards, before one buys a helmet. It is better to make a checklist of following questions before choosing this very important safety gadget:

  • How does Bullet Helmets provide protection
  • How does the helmet ratings work
  • What types of helmets are available
    • Dome Helmet or a Skull Cap
    • Open Face Helmet or a Half Helmet
    • Full Face Helmet
    • Modular Motorcycle Helmets
    • Hi-Viz Motorcycle Helmets
    • Touring Motorcycle Helmets
    • Dual-Sport Motorcycle Helmets
    • Motorcycle Race Helmets
    • Bluetooth Helmets
    • Off Road/Motocross Helmets
  • Getting the best fit
  • Buying most cost effective helmets

The variety doesn’t stop at basics it ranges from

  • high-end race helmets to basic retro throwbacks
  • Cycle Gear carries full-face
  • Dirt proof, half and open-face helmets from top manufacturers such as Royal Enfield Helmets. When it comes wearing of helmet, fit is one of the most important.

These are designed keeping in view the protection for head and it’s done with a few key parts. The branded helmets make sure that they are using topmost quality materials in the manufacturing process. When it comes to the parts of this important two wheeler safety gadget they are following –

  • Hard outer shell – Made from the hard plastics and carbon fiber or fiberglass material, the goal is to not let the hard ground to tear a hole in one’s head. It also gives protection against abrasions and if one skid across the ground.
  • A crushable section under the shell – the thick foam layer just beneath the hard shell that is made from EPS i.e. expanded polystyrene, which has been crushed under pressure. This part absorbs the high force which may otherwise impact the head and the brain.
  • Comfort section next to your head – the inner lining and cushioned interior which makes the helmet comfortable and allows it to snug the face and head to ensure safety during crash.
  • A chin strap – last but not the least the chin strap holds the Bullet Helmets in place. It is held down with a pair of D rings. It’s the most basic part of helmet.

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