How We Built Our Horizontal Wooden Fence

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It is by posting on my Facebook page a picture of our wooden fence under construction, that I realized by reading your comments that you would like to know how we did. Honestly, I had not thought of making a blog post at the start because I found it almost too simple in terms of design: horizontal boards screwed on poles. And above all, we are far from being experts in construction. Finally, when finished, it is really beautiful and we are very proud of it. So thank you for having me to make more photos under construction, in order to share the steps. It is my husband accompanied by his super cousin who set to work. And I did the inspector of finished work as usual! Hihi! No,

My shopping list before taxes

Adjust the quantities of planks and poles according to the dimensions of your fence. We used:

50 planks of treated wood 1 “x 6” x6 ‘= $ 120

8 planks of treated wood 1 “x 6” x 8 ‘= $ 28

8 wooden planks treated with brown 2 “x 4” x 8 ‘(for door frame) = $ 39.84

6 poles treated with 4 “x 4” x 10 ‘brown treated wood = $ 72.66

10 pockets of cement mix 30 kg = $ 155.78

1 plastic boiler 5 gallons empty

6 light stud caps = $ 47.88

Draw funds = $ 10.56

500 Screws for treated wood brown = $ 26.99

2 sets of black hinges (one small and one large) = $ 39.96

2 mini pots of black opaque dye: 10 $

Some tips before you start

If you choose to make a fence model with horizontal boards such as ours, it’s not too complicated. On the other hand, I would say that it is essential:

  • To be 2 people to build it, especially at the stage of laying the poles. We called on my contractor Martin’s team to pour the concrete and dig the holes.
  • Having or renting a 12 “miter saw with articulated arm (pictured below). For the interest of this design lies in straight cuts, and without that you will not be able to do it.
  • Have a good drill (ideally drum) and a large bubble level.
  • Have or rent an electric mixer for your quick setting concrete
  • Thoroughly space your posts to optimize board layout and avoid losses
  • Do not cut your planks of treated wood on your lawn … .the sawdust chokes the lawn in addition to containing chemicals.

Good tools fence construction

The solid installation of the posts is the basis

For having lived 13 years with a fence, I can tell you that a good foundation for poles is a necessity. How to do ? By casting your posts in 2 or 3 feet of concrete.

So you need a hole at least 2 feet deep to secure the pole. So either you get a backhoe to dig them, or you go to the strength of your arms with an auger.

Start by properly aligning your holes. Then make sure after putting the posts in they are aligned using a long straight board as a guide. The front of the posts (on which the planks will be screwed) must be perfectly straight.

At this step, do not cut the posts. You will do it last, after mounting the fence. If it’s 6 feet tall like ours, you’ll need 10-foot poles.

Digging holes

Mix your quick-setting concrete with the automatic mixer in a plastic seal. Pour the mixture into your 3-foot deep hole and adjust the post to make it straight.

Make a T with wooden planks. Plant one end in the ground and screw the other into the post to hold it straight as the concrete hardens very quickly.

How to Cast Fence Posts in Concrete

Screw your boards on the fence

Pencil a line on the middle of each pole. This is where the boards will have to join.

Cut your boards so that they can be fixed from the middle of one pole to the other. Except at the end of the fence and before each door, where the horizontal board will go to the edge of the pole (look at the third and fourth picture below, you will understand what I mean).

So be careful before cutting all your boards, do your calculations well and think carefully.

Always take into account the thickness of your saw blade … otherwise you will miss a few millimeters.

Start with the first row at the bottom and make sure all boards are perfectly straight using your level.

For spacing, my husband came up with the idea of ​​using LEGOs that ensured consistency everywhere. This does not exempt you from placing your level on the boards from time to time to be certain that you are still right.

Use a LEGO to properly space the fencing boards

Here is the progress a few hours after.

PS: There you may notice that the two right posts are fixed in green stirrups. We decided to reuse these stirrups from our old fence because they were still firmly fixed in a concrete base.

To make a wooden fence with horizontal planks

Making doors, the most difficult stage

To make the door, we created a frame with 2 “x 4” planks. This frame is reinforced at the top and bottom by two transverse boards, which serve to support the hinges.

For the dimensions of your frame, you must measure the width between your 2 doorposts. This will be the width of the frame. Its height corresponds to the height from the bottom to the top of the boards of the fence.

How to make a fence door

Keep this frame in place by placing it on the bottom by wooden planks (see picture above).

Check with a plank the correct alignment of the door on the pole and temporarily screw  the door frame into the pole.

Making a fence door

While the door frame is temporarily screwed on the post, screw the two hinges into the door frame. You notice that we were forced to slip a “chime” behind the hinge so that it comes straight with the frame.

How to make a fence door with brown horizontal treated wooden boards

Now that your hinges hold the door, you can screw the horizontal planks on the outside of the door, taking care to align them with the rest of the fence boards. The LEGO technique has been used here;)

Screws fence door planks


  • A few horizontal boards on the post that joins the 2 doors

Our second door had to open towards the outside since it is the descent of stairs of the tenants. For the design of the fence to be extended from the outside, it was necessary to cut small planks to be fixed on the pole.

Wooden fence horizontal brown treatment

  • Cut the posts at the correct height and add solar caps

Once the fence is assembled, you can cut the posts. We have added solar post caps, which come on at night.

Horizontal wood fence with black painted posts

  • Poles painted black with opaque dye

I chose to paint the poles with black opaque dye (Behr brand) which is sold in very small pots. I think it has a more chic side.

Paint fence fence stain opaque

  • My decorative objects added to flourish the fence.

Finally, I added my small pots racks that I created in partnership with the Quincaillerie du Vieux-Québec. I remind you that you can get them here  .

Object to hold pots on a horizontal fence

So, I hope these explanations will help you. Again, I repeat, we are not pros. But we are very satisfied with the look of our new horizontal fence in brown treated wood

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