Digital Marketing Will Go Through The Company’s Employees

Digital Marketing

Until now agencies and marketing management have monopolized digital marketing but the need to bring relevant content and present it to a targeted audience will give the company’s employees a key role.

Reduced advertising budgets

For a long time advertising was the best way for companies to reach a mass audience, beneficial for some big companies some campaigns had much more debatable results for medium-sized businesses. Advertising spending, which has been enormous up to now, is decreasing in favor of budgets in organic referencing, paid referencing and targeted advertising in social networks. Digital marketing budgets will increase by 35% in 2016 . Advertising budgets will not disappear, they will decrease, they will target the mass and will complement more targeted digital campaigns.

Digital marketing is a must

Faced with costly and often poorly targeted advertising campaigns, digital offers greater flexibility and studies confirm its development:

– 97% of Internet users use the web for their local shopping

– 81% of customers search online before buying

– 61% read product reviews before making their choices

– 60% search online before going to a specific site

The current difficulties of digital marketing

As Larry Kim said in some of his lectures , as well as other digital specialists, digital marketing is facing increasing difficulties:

– Organizational scope decreases in social networks, it is believed that some, like Facebook, would even want to remove it completely to promote the billed release.

– Paying campaigns on social networks, especially Facebook, are becoming more and more expensive

– Content marketing is actually in vogue and promoted by Google, but it most often misses its target

– The influence of social media in natural SEO confuses many SEO specialists

– Google’s new artificial intelligence system seems to be linking the person behind the site to what consumers are looking for when they make a request, which penalizes agency-based copywriters, Writing in areas where they are unknown

– Paid search engine rankings are becoming increasingly expensive

Solutions that do not favor communication agencies

In conclusion, key elements like content marketing and the use of social networks remain key, but they are misused by people who are not the right ones. But how could they be by communication agencies whose employees do not know, or little, the field of activity of their clients, and whose social networks are different from those of their customers?

The general manager of a distribution subsidiary of a large French company in Canada confessed to me that I had spent $ 100,000 to get 3 stores in Google. When I checked, I realized that it only appeared for a single query, and again …., At the bottom of the page. A quick search in social networks also shows me that they are invisible in their field of activity. In short, his money was wasted by incompetent specialists, they could have done much better by assuring their presence themselves to their natural networks that were completely forgotten.

Agency employees are excellent at spreading advertising, buying adwords or paying for social media campaigns in a large and inaccurate way, but they have neither the ability to write the content nor the social network to achieve A dissemination in a fine way, it is their client who owns them thanks to his employees, if at least he knows how to use them. The response from agencies is that they still need to work on data analysis to better target, but they will never get to the level of finesse of a company’s sellers who know their customers, decision makers, Users and influencers.

In fact, the two actors are complementary, the agency manages spending in the traditional and electronic media, the client creates the content and distributes it to its customers and prospects.

The objection of marketing directors to the spread of messages by employees is: “We can not let all our people post anywhere anyhow, they can not write, it’s too dangerous.”

This is true, so the solution lies in a system for creating content at the core, central validation and decentralized dissemination using employee networks. But for this they must be trained at the grassroots level and put in place relevant tools.

Vendors and sales representatives should see their role expand to not only represent their business in face-to-face meetings or on the phone , but also to represent their business on social networks. The quantity and quality of their contacts represent an invaluable asset for their company, which no specialized agency can beat.

The agencies sell a quantitative audience and cost per 1000, that is, pure quantitative, while the company can, with its employees, reach a much more targeted clientele with a much more emotional message based on relational.

Advertising budgets should therefore be reallocated between the external and the internal, in particular the employees to make their company go out, especially the sellers, to the techniques of creation of content and diffusion on the social networks .

The future would therefore belong to the employees, their skills, their networks, and it is no worse.

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