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Welcome to Zalinka

Zalinka decoration ideasMy name is Doriane and I offer you on Zalinka  the solutions and ideas I have found concerning  the fitting of my interior , the rearrangement of mystorage , my decoration ,  my personal organizationand the management of my daily life in general.Constantly looking for inspiration and always having to learn in terms of organization and decoration , I share with you my  ideas to transform and embellish my interior simply but with taste (at least I do my best) …Actually, at the beginning , I created the Zalinka Blog  to gather all my findings in the same place and so enjoy it better. You can, if you are impatient to go to Zalinka now or go to the Blog here for Search for ideas … if not continue reading (the button to access the Blog is at the top of the menu on this page)   

 My family decoration is personalized from day to day and according to the season, according to my means, my life circumstances and my skills in DIY, painting, fitting and fitting out my interior. My goal is, in fact, to create for myself and mine  the welcoming and relaxing setting  of our daily life. Even if my decoration is made  in small steps  and requires more effort, this allows me to appreciate much more my  successes  than if I could decorateeverything and develop in one month!

This also means that I have to find the inspiration, design my decor and organize my storage,  piece by piece,  from a real puzzle consisting of furniture, objects, colors, decoration ideas gleaned right, left planning well My purchases and my time (that’s what I do about my free weekly newsletter here ). I constantly have to adapt to create a  general harmony  and I console myself by telling myself that if I had been able to decorate everything quickly, I would certainly be tired very quickly.

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