Traveling Tips to Wakatobi Underwater Enchantment Safety

Traveling Tips to Wakatobi Underwater

Traveling Tips to Wakatobi Underwater Enchantment is very important measure to improve your safety while diving. Many people would love to explore underwater by diving. The underwater beauty found while diving is the reason many people love diving. While Wakatobi, an underwater paradise that offers underwater beauty while you dive. Diving in the depths of the underwater at Wakatobi will give you the experience of diving in a beautiful underwater world with a variety of unique marine life. You can explore the beautiful underwater world to gain new experiences in…

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The Great Places in Borneo Nature

Great Places in Borneo Nature

The Borneo Nature has been known as one of the most excellent destinations that attract the attention of many people from all around the world. It is because it is the home for so various unique species of plants and animals that you cannot find easily in the other places. Besides, it can also show you the beautiful and wonderful views that will definitely drop your jaw so nicely. So then, you might think that a little piece of heaven has fallen to the earth once you have started to…

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Top 10 Most Visited Tourist Sites In France

tourist attraction between Disney rides and the Egyptian antiquities of the Louvre, between the Gallery of mirrors

Who gets the best of the game in the great match of tourist attraction between Disney rides and the Egyptian antiquities of the Louvre, between the Gallery of mirrors of Louis XIV and the tower of Gustave Eiffel, or between the dinosaurs of the Museum d ‘ Natural history and collections of modern art of the Center Pompidou? Here is the hit-parade of the 10 most visited sites in France (sources Atout France, Memento du tourisme 2015). But this ranking only takes into account paid sites, omitting buildings such as…

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The Top 100 Places To Visit In The World

Visit In The World

Hello everyone, In recent years, I have carried out more than 100 flights a year. This represents between 400 and 500 hours in the air. Then I drive about 3,000 kilometers behind the steering wheel of rented vehicles, as well as many train trips and a number of boat or ferry trips. One day, as I thought about my travels, I was wondering how I could use all these trips. And so I had the idea to create a “top 100 places to visit in the world” in my opinion….

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Top 20 Most Visited Cities In The World In 2016

Top 20 most visited cities

The report ” Global Cities Index ” MasterCard reveals that Bangkok decommission London as the most tourist town in 2016, as the British capital held since 2014. The year is of course not over, but the final ranking is unlikely to move until the high season is over. 1- Bangkok, Thailand 2- London, England 3- Paris, France 4- Dubai, United Arab Emirates 5- New York, United States 6- Singapore, Singapore 7- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 8- Istanbul, Turkey 9- Tokyo, Japan 10- Seoul, South Korea 11- Hong Kong, Hong Kong 12-…

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Sport And Tourism In The Service Of A Better World

Sport And Tourism

Message for the 25th World Tourism Day 1. From time to time, this year, World Tourism Day, which will be celebrated on September 27, I am pleased to address all those involved in this sector of human activity with the aim of Suggest some reflections that help to highlight the positive aspects of tourism. This phenomenon, as I have already pointed out in other circumstances, contributes to the development of relations between people and peoples and, when it is cordial, respectful and Open door to peace and harmonious coexistence. Indeed,…

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Annecy Makes Its Terroir Shine

Annecy makes its terroir shine

A ribbon along the banks allows to wander between mountains and shores. Roberto Frankenberg for the Express Styles Turquoise set in a setting of peaks, Lake Annecy considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, boasts of being also the purest. With it, a whole region, men, villages and mountains, goes green. To the chefs who decline the pearls of the terroir. It is a strong symbol, a great excuse to discover the surroundings of Annecy : Jean Sulpice , young leader with the dazzling course, has just hung his…

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The Traveler’s Choice 2015 Unveiled Their Top Ranking In The Categories World, Europe And France.

Traveler's Choice

469 destinations across the globe were honored by the Tripadvisor site at the Traveler’s Choice 2015 on Tuesday, March 24th. The travel site was based on different criteria of quality and quantity of the opinions and comments of the users about the hotels, restautants and attractions over a year. Regarding the Top 10 Destinations Travelers’ Choice World, the city that wins first prize is Marrakech . The Jemaa el-Fna square, with its many activities, fruit juice vendors or snake charmers, souks and palm grove, as well as the many traditional…

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