Caring For My Lawn: Questions / Answers

Caring For My Lawn

Have you ever seen my lawn in photo? It really is not big, not to say tiny. We live in downtown Montreal so the size of the lawn is at most 10 x 20 feet (3 x 6 meters). But this small square of greenery, it holds much! First of all because it reduces the heat in summer but especially because a garden without greenery, for me it is not a garden. So we struggle like beautiful devils every year to preserve our mini lawn because my two boys submit…

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How We Built Our Horizontal Wooden Fence

home improvment

It is by posting on my Facebook page a picture of our wooden fence under construction, that I realized by reading your comments that you would like to know how we did. Honestly, I had not thought of making a blog post at the start because I found it almost too simple in terms of design: horizontal boards screwed on poles. And above all, we are far from being experts in construction. Finally, when finished, it is really beautiful and we are very proud of it. So thank you for…

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Decoration & Oragnigsation

Home Decoration

If you have recently discovered this Blog and are interested in its content, consider subscribing to my free weekly letters in the right-hand column of the Blog. I wish you a pleasant reading and thank you for your interest! Welcome to Zalinka My name is Doriane and I offer you on Zalinka  the solutions and ideas I have found concerning  the fitting of my interior , the rearrangement of mystorage , my decoration ,  my personal organizationand the management of my daily life in general.Constantly looking for inspiration and always…

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