New Yorker Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman

It is the biggest of all (in reality, it is a little small but you see what you mean). He invented the art of street-style photography. Books, advertising campaigns and a couple of bloggers with global influence (his girlfriend is none other than Garance Doré) further, he is more famous than most people he photography. We love her shots of men – who does not like the Italian grandfathers at the crazy chic with their hats on the side? Brianboy Who : Filipino Bryan Gray Yambao Why : You can…

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Stylist And Fashion Journalist Navaz Batliwalla

Stylist And Fashion Journalist

She started blogging by posting tickets from the front of the fashion scene as “an anonymous infiltration of fashion” while she was working full time in a magazine. Now a freelance stylist and consultant, her blog deals with design, art and beauty as well as fashion. There are also articles about his inspirations, based on pictures, artistic photos of press events and reflections on trends and emerging creators. She says, “I cover design, art, beauty, sales and trends, while nurturing my curiosity around the fashion industry. “ We Wore What…

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The Best Fashion Blogs Of All Time

Best Fashion Blogs Of All Time

Among the multitude of fashion blogs that bloom, are you a little lost? World tour of the most inspiring fashion blogs. Did you know that every quarter of a second, a fashion blog is launched somewhere in the world? In fact, it’s not really true (well, it’s probably true – we only need scientific proof), but it looks like it, right? In search of inspiration on the net, it is easy to get lost in the crowd of clichés Instagram (#fashion). When you finally take your eyes off your smartphone,…

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Top 20: The Most Influential Fashion Bloggers Of The Moment

Fashion Bloggers

At the forefront of parades, on social networks and even in our cupboards thanks to some well-chosen collaborations, fashion bloggers are everywhere. But who are the most influential? For the second consecutive year, the US site “Fashionista” has listed the most famous influencers based on several data: number of followers on social networks, collabs, or headlines in Google News, everything has been passed To the sieve. 1. Chiara Ferragni, “The Blonde Salad” Already number one in the ranking last year, the Italian is a star of the Web. In addition…

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