5 Most Reliable Fridge Brands in India

5 Most Reliable Fridge Brands in India

A refrigerator is one of the most importantappliances in a household. One cannot imagine a house without refrigerators. People are moving towards technology,and so are the appliance designers. Every single day turns out to be a space for new advancements and growth. On that note, we have for you the list of top 5 refrigerator brands that has helped people with setting up an amazing culinary experience for themselvesTo know more about the reliable fridges brands visit Bijli Bachao’s website.

  1. LG: This brand makes the best refrigerators in India. This brand has become a generic name in the household as they are capable of presenting to the customers home-based appliances at affordable prices and of great quality. They offer refrigerators in all 4 categories such as a single door, double door, side by side door and the bottom freezer one. It came into the Indian market around 20 years back,and they have made their way to the top with inculcating best technology and user-friendlymodels to lure their customers. They have created a happy customer base,and they use the latest refrigerating technologies such as Upscaling the Design with Textured Steel Finish and Platinum Fresh Wall, Freezer to Fridge Conversion, Door in Door Technology and lots more.
  2. Samsung:This is a well-known brand to sell not just refrigerators but many electrical appliances like LG. This brand has something for everyone and never disappoints them. They have a variety of models like the French Door and the Bottom Mounted feature. They offer chic products that are adaptable to design and look. They introduced all round cooling and 5 in 1 convertible compatibility in their products. They are versatile, reliable and work with great efficiency. They are known for their advanced technological inputs,and they have also incorporated LED set up in their refrigerators.
  3. Whirlpool:Whirlpool is basically an American brand that had taken the world of fridges and washing machines by storm when it had hit the Indian markets. They are known for their creative marketing and USPs. Their products are versatile and provide amazing user-friendly options to choose from. They have over a hundred years of experience theyinclude diverse technology in their refrigerators. Presently, they offer 5 kinds of fridges which include the French Door style too. They are reliable and trustworthy. You can kind of use their products for over 10 years. Their products are durable.
  4. Godrej: Godrej is the first company that had actually introduced fridges in India. It is the best Indian brand by default. Indians are used to this name,and it is a pretty nostalgic brand as they are here in the markets since 1958. They are amazingly experienced and know the needs of the customers like the back of their hand. Although they were considered to make the best refrigerators in India, they had to lose their charm to the foreign brands. They still continue to offer great fridges under the 4 major categories.
  5. Hitachi: An evidently Japanese brand, Hitachi has engraved a name for itself in the Indian market with its impeccable performance and design. They are known for their Japanese built technology and quality. Their refrigerators use advanced scientific designs to manufacture their products. It is yet to make a mark in the market to give tough competition to Samsung and LG. Their refrigerators prevent the loss of amino acids and other essential vitamins in the food. Hitachi presently provides a double door, French door, and six door refrigerators in India.

Choose one of the best refrigerators in India and enjoy intelligent technology.

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