Digital Marketing Will Go Through The Company’s Employees

Digital Marketing

Until now agencies and marketing management have monopolized digital marketing but the need to bring relevant content and present it to a targeted audience will give the company’s employees a key role. Reduced advertising budgets For a long time advertising was the best way for companies to reach a mass audience, beneficial for some big companies some campaigns had much more debatable results for medium-sized businesses. Advertising spending, which has been enormous up to now, is decreasing in favor of budgets in organic referencing, paid referencing and targeted advertising in…

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Way Of Life-Way of Life Community

Way Of Life

The way of life (or life style ) is the way of living, being and thinking, a person or a group of individuals. It is his daily behavior, his way of living around and for certain values. There are very wide disparities in lifestyles in the world, between developed and developing (or southern ) countries . In industrialized societies, lifestyle is a qualitative notion: it refers in particular to how households use their purchasing power . For an equivalent standard of living , there are many ways to consume, to…

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