Top 20 Most Visited Cities In The World In 2016

Top 20 most visited cities

The report ” Global Cities Index ” MasterCard reveals that Bangkok decommission London as the most tourist town in 2016, as the British capital held since 2014. The year is of course not over, but the final ranking is unlikely to move until the high season is over. 1- Bangkok, Thailand 2- London, England 3- Paris, France 4- Dubai, United Arab Emirates 5- New York, United States 6- Singapore, Singapore 7- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 8- Istanbul, Turkey 9- Tokyo, Japan 10- Seoul, South Korea 11- Hong Kong, Hong Kong 12-…

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Sport And Tourism In The Service Of A Better World

Sport And Tourism

Message for the 25th World Tourism Day 1. From time to time, this year, World Tourism Day, which will be celebrated on September 27, I am pleased to address all those involved in this sector of human activity with the aim of Suggest some reflections that help to highlight the positive aspects of tourism. This phenomenon, as I have already pointed out in other circumstances, contributes to the development of relations between people and peoples and, when it is cordial, respectful and Open door to peace and harmonious coexistence. Indeed,…

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